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Psychotherapy & Psychological Counseling

Psychotherapy is a short- to long-term intervention to deal with complex mental health problems or mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, experiences of traumatic events (such as abuse, calamities, accidents).


Psychological counseling focuses on helping you deal with issues, concerns, or problems related to daily living, such as problems in school or workplace, family concerns, relationship issues, identity or sexuality concerns, or personal development. Psychological counseling can also benefit those who are seeking personal growth or finding meaning in life. It can also benefit those who would like help on psychological wellbeing.


Couples Counseling

For couples, psychological counseling focuses on helping you deal with issues, concerns, or problems related to your relationship with your partner or spouse. This can also benefit couples who wish to improve their relationship or get to know each other better.


Telepsych/Online Psychotherapy

This is a service where we conduct the consultation, psychotherapy, or psychological counseling through a virtual clinic.


Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment typically involves administration of intelligence or mental ability tests, personality profiling, clinical assessments, and other tests relevant to the purpose of the assessment. 


Assessment is used for diagnostic and psychotherapy purposes. It can also be used for pre-employment, for legal purposes such as annulment and adoption, for fit-to-work, and for personal pruposes.