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Workplace Mental Health

Corporate Webinars and Training

The following services are available for corporate clients. Contact us at eap@argaocenter.com for details.

Online Training

Psychological First Aid in the Workplace

Psychological First Aid is an evidence-informed approach designed to help mitigate the negative impact of a crisis, disaster, or emergency on an individual. Considered the treatment of choice in dealing with the aftermath of crises, PFA has been the primary approach used by professionals and non-professionals as it is humane, non-intrusive, supportive, and practical. This webinar will focus on an introductory training on how to conduct Psychological First Aid in the Workplace. Participants will learn the nature and impact of crisis, how to provide PFA to those affected, and the guidelines to follow to ensure that we do no further harm. Designed for non-mental health professionals, this offers practical approaches that anyone in the company can use to help their colleagues deal with emergencies.


Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is a practice used in various settings to help cope with stress and other emotional concerns. Proven to improve efficiency in the workplace and clarity of mind, it is helpful in nourishing the wellbeing of the team. This webinar will discuss and provide an overview and practice of mindfulness and its key resource in establishing a mental health friendly workplace.


Developing a Psychological Safe Space in the Workplace

Psychological Safety is a shared feeling among teammates and co-workers that it is okay to be open and honest within the work setting. Built on a culture of trust, support, and communication, psychological safe spaces can nurture productivity and creativity, strengthen positive relationships, and nourish mental wellbeing.


Workplace Wellness & Stress Management

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused major changes in the way that we live our lives and do our work. Such changes also affect our wellbeing and the stress it brings may take a toll on our physical and mental health. This webinar will focus on how we can adapt and adjust in this “new normal” and will help us learn practical approaches on how we can cope and improve our well-being holistically. Discussions will include stress management, dealing with the work-from-home set-up, preventing burn-out, and practicing self-care.


Sounds Like A Plan: time and Workload Management

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the new Work-from-Home set-up created challenges on time management and work productivity. This webinar focuses on managing time and organizing workload effectively, and thereby working more efficiently. The discussions will be grounded on practical approaches and strategies that every employee can use, especially during these times that the “new normal” demands new approaches and skills. The topics include identifying obstacles to working effectively, skills on managing time and energy, and techniques and tools on workload management.