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ACPS: The Mental Health Care You Deserve

Argao Center for Psychological Services is a mental health center located in the heart of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. It is a duly registered business with the Department of Trade and Industry and the City Government of San Fernando (Pampanga).

As a Center, it offers three major services: Psychological Services, Corporate Mental Health Services, and Continuing Professional Development Programs. Among the Psychological Services we offer include Psychotherapy, Counseling, Psychological Assessment and Evaluation, and Mental Health and Psychosocial Response. Our Corporate Mental Health Services include Employee Assistance Programs, Corporate Mental Health Surveys, Seminars on Mental Health, and Consultancy on Workplace Mental Health Policy Development, For our Continuing Professional Development Programs, ACPS offers training, seminars, workshops, and online courses for mental health professionals.

ACPS is an Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Provider by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) Continuing Professional Development Council for Psychology, with Accreditation Number PSYCH-2018-028.

Established in 2016, ACPS aims to provide every Juan the mental health care you deserve.

What We Work For

Our Vision-Mission

Our Vision

The Argao Center for Psychological Services envisions itself as a leading center offering psychological services in the Central Luzon Region, offering psychological services as well as continuing professional development programs for licensed mental health professionals.

Our Mission

The Argao Center for Psychological Services dedicates itself to bring the mental health care every Filipino deserves. It is committed to deliver quality, ethical, and competent psychological services to the Filipino people and to promote, support, and advance continuing professional development among psychologists, psychometricians, and other mental health professionals.

What We Believe In

Our Core Values

The Argao Center for Psychological Services is grounded and guided by the values






Years of Advocacy


Partner Institutions


Individuals Served

We Invest on Quality

The Center is accredited by various international and local test publishers/distributors for use and purchase of standardized psychological test materials. We are proud to be an accredited Center to offer remote, online psychological testing that is compliant with ethical and professional standards.

We Value Your Privacy

The Center is accredited by Our Case Management Systems and Procedures, designed by a team of experts, ensures that clients’ progress are well monitored, and that our service providers comply with the Center’s quality standards. Likewise, we have invested in a mental health electronic health records (EHR) system that is compliant with international guidelines and laws on data privacy and security. With these systems in place, client’s data and case information is only accessible to authorized mental health professionals. Our team of mental health providers also conduct periodic case conferences to discuss treatment plans, diagnosis, and other case details.

We Prioritize Your Wellbeing

The Center has been designed to meet the guidelines set by various professional organizations globally when it comes to the delivery of psychological services. Our facility is sound-proofed to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the sessions. The goal of creating a warm, cozy, and safe space has influenced the design elements and choice of furniture in our Center.