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Announcement: Argao Health Inc.

We are excited to announce that effective 1 September 2021, Argao Psych will be managed and operated by Argao Health Inc. It joins its new family that includes Argao Behavioral Health, AG Workplace Mental Health, and AG Health Systems.


Argao Health Inc. is a domestic stock corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and validly existing under the Laws of the Philippines. It is a mental health company that is dedicated towards delivering quality mental health care services for individuals, families, groups, and organizations. The company will also expand it services by providing behavioral intervention programs for children with exceptional needs. Likewise, the growing need for workplace mental health programs will be addressed through evidence-based and specialized programs for the employees.


The changes in the management of Argao Psych also includes changes in its leadership. Effective 7 June 2021, Dr. Renz Argao assumed the role of President & CEO of Argao Health Inc. Ar. Michael Gan assumes the office of Treasurer & CFO and he will be the Managing Director of AG Workplace Mental Health and AG Health Systems. Ms. Mara Tamayo will serve as Managing Director of Argao Behavioral Health.  


As we continue on this growth, we will remain committed to provide every Filipino the mental health care you deserve. 💚